Rhomb is a platform for transparent communication between a regulatory supplier and a client with additional features for ease of use and chronology.
The app provides registration, licensing, certification services for manufacturers and distributors of medical products.

Bergman Meyer Capital Group B.V. a holding company investing in a diversified portfolio of listed and non-listed equity and debt instruments in the OECD countries.

BMCG Venture is a venture capital company providing investments and financial products for startups, technology companies and business angels. Interacts
with business accelerators and participants in high-tech markets.
Part of the Bergman Meyer Capital Group.

Identity for the international law firm Ulysses. The company takes on the most complex and intricate cases, influences business conditions and resolves disputes in the business sector and with government agencies.

CT Tech develops trading algorithms using robotic systems and artificial intelligence that process huge amounts of data much faster than traditional methods.

Medtop award provide the best healthcare industry members with the opportunity to demonstrate the high quality of their products and become known on the global market.

Korean medical equipment and consumables manufacturing company.

MedStandard is a European consulting company that introduces medical manufacturers to the markets of Eurasian countries.

A network of Ballet Schools that teaches adults and children in classical choreography, folk dance, flamenco, modern jazz and body ballet.

Technological developments in the field of Trade Marketing related to the study of consumer behavior in retail. The company is accredited by the Skolkovo Russian Innovation Center.

An amusement park in the Rostov region with its own operating lighthouse, gazebos, an observation deck, a zipline, a water park and a car cinema.


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Artem Markovsky